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It’s often the realisation of a long-term goal – to own a second home in the sun or even start an exciting new chapter in your life. Like any property purchase, a lot of work goes into making the dream a reality.


Whether you’re a retiree who’s moved in search of the good life, a holidaymaker who’s bought a place in the sun or a parent with children living abroad you’ll need a way of transferring funds out of the UK.


With university tuition in the UK now costing as much as £9,250 per year, more and more families are considering higher education abroad.


There are many reasons why people might need to move large sums of money back to the UK, but none can have had such a dramatic and rapid an impact as Brexit.


In a market, knowing when to buy – and when to sell – is everything. Unfortunately, the best planning in the world can be neutered by an unsympathetic currency exchange rate.


Britain’s wealthy consumers have always enjoyed venturing abroad in search for luxury goods. Whether you’re buying a boat on the Med, pearls in Paris or a classic car in Cologne, there’s often better value to be found outside the UK.