Here at Caxton, we take your security very seriously, which is why we want to remind all our customers what Caxton will and will not ask you for in emails and on the phone:

  • Please do not respond to any emails that appear to be from Caxton asking you to confirm your personal sign in details; such as password or any other security details.
  • Caxton will never ask you to link through to a site which is not or log into your account which is not You should always see this in the browser address window with a padlock icon being displayed. This confirms the page you are visiting is secure.
  • Fraudsters may try to imitate our emails. If you receive an email asking you to provide any personal security information, give your login credentials or login to a site which is not please forward the email to [email protected] and then delete it. Do not respond to these emails or click on any links.
  • While speaking to Caxton over the phone or via email, we will never ask you for your PIN or password.
  • Caxton recommends you change your password frequently. This will make sure your account is secure as possible. Your password should contain a minimum of 8 characters including at least 1 upper case letter, 1 numerical digit and 1 special character (?!£$%).
  • Do not use the same username and password on other sites which could be compromised. Use login details that are unique to Caxton.