Tony’s Story

Case Study

When Tony found his dream powerboat Caxton was on hand with a great rate to make sure the sale went without a (clove) hitch.

There’s a certain type of sailor who can’t get enough of England’s South Coast. There’s another type of sailor who prefers sun, calm seas and white sandy beaches. Caxton customer Tony is the latter. He loves his home in the UK, but prefers the Mediterranean when it comes to spending time on the water.

With few motorboats in the Solent larger than 50 feet, when the time came to upgrade he had to look further afield. He found his ideal match – a 72 foot GrandBanks – advertised for sale in Copenhagen of all places.

Once the negotiation was concluded with the vendor, he needed a partner who could arrange the speedy and secure transfer of currency. A longtime user of its International Payments Service, he didn’t think twice about turning to Caxton to help complete the deal.

He knew how proactive his Caxton account manager would be in securing the best exchange rate. Sure enough, Caxton’s rate alert service let him know at exactly the right moment to convert the capital. With the currency conversion squared away, Tony was able to focus on other complications, like the small matter of transporting his new yacht from Scandinavia to the Italian riviera!


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